PS5 Restock August 5, 2022 – Where to buy PS5

The PS5 Restock Update for August 5, 2022

Where to buy PS5 consoles Today — PS5 restock tracker for Sony PlayStation Official, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Game Stop and more

Find where to buy PS5 and track PS5 restocks

It’s Tuesday, which is a traditionally slow day for PS5 restock. Weekends are often quiet, but there’s at least a little talk of upcoming drops that you should get caught up on, as well as the opportunity to buy a system directly from PlayStation. Read on for all of the need-to-know info in this PS5 Restock Update for August 5, 2022.

However, PS5 restocks have started to speed up this year. You just need to be prepared to move fast and it's a good idea to be signed up to stock alerts and ensure you have an account with the major retailers we've listed below. Just bear in mind that the PS5 doesn't have a huge amount of new games to play on it yet, so if you can hold off buying for a while you might find this whole process less frustrating.

Make sure to keep this page bookmarked and refreshed to have the best chance at finding where to buy a PS5.

Which US stores have PS5 stock for today, August 5?


For today, August 5, 2022, watching Amazon US is still a good idea as it’s overdue for a big drop. After missing the usual end-of-month drop in January, the online retailer is expected to be hosting a drop any day now, even on a Sunday. Both disc and Digital Editions are anticipated.

Best Buy and Target are apparently gathering stock for a drop. Here’s hoping both stores provide a heads-up so that hopeful customers can be prepared.

If you haven’t yet signed up, be sure to register here to purchase a PS5 console directly from PlayStation. Then monitor your emails to make sure you don’t miss out.

The previous PS5 drops were on August 2, when both GameStop and AntOnline had PS5 bundles for sale.

  • Best Buy – Surprise drop occurred on January 20. More expected soon!
  • BJs – Bundle restock happened on January 19.
  • AntOnline – Bundle restock happened on January 27.
  • PS Direct – PSN users can register for a chance to buy.
  • Amazon – Expected restock overdue. Could be a drop at any moment!
  • GameStop – Restocked happened on January 27.
  • Target – In-store drop occurred on January 21. More expected soon!
  • Walmart – Restock occurred online on January 13.

Which UK stores have PS5 stock for today, August 5?

For those in the UK, there are a couple of expected drops to watch out for. A PlayStation 5 restock has been confirmed for Smyths Toys, which will take place between August 1-2.

In addition to Smyths Toys, GAME is also reportedly planning a drop around February 16-17. It’s expected to take place on one of these days between 8-11:30 PM, so get ready!

If you missed it in the US section, know that there’s still time to sign up for a chance to buy a PS5 directly from the PlayStation Store. PSN members based in the UK, US, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg can register their interest.

Elsewhere in the world of PlayStation news, Santa Monica Studio is hiring for a new “large-scale” project.

Sony is taking reports of Bungie’s workplace misconduct seriously, following the publisher’s acquisition of the Destiny studio.

The Demon’s Souls Old Monk boss got a lot of pushback internally. (That’s the one where a real player can invade and become the boss!)


Where to buy PS5: Check PS5 restock right now

As of 7:38 a.m. ET on August 5, there is PS5 restock available.

There's some good news to share: PlayStation Official® is tipped to have a PS5 restock this week. And a regular PS5 stock tipster has also claimed that millions more consoles will arrive each month until April. So if you missed the last PS5 restock, we could see another surge in stock pretty soon.

We'll update this page when we learn of available stock. But in the meantime, you can use the links below to check where to buy the PS5.

Where to buy PS5: Latest stock updates, who to follow

There does seem to be some PS5 stock relief on the way, with Digitimes reporting that Sony is planning to ship between 16.8 million and 18 million PS5 units in 2021. This is due to an increase in the units' supply stream. Sony initially shipped 3.4 million PlayStation 5 units in its first month of availability.

The Sony Twitter account is worth following so you can get notifications about the next batches of available PS5 units. We also recommend following Twitter account such as @PlayStation_Dir, which is often first to have the latest updates on availability. Availability can also be regional, as Walmart and EBGames in Canada recently had stock.

If you're struggling to find any PS5 stock anywhere, don't give up hope. Sony recently tweeted that it's working to get more PS5 consoles ready for the end of the year.

"Demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year - please stay in touch with your local retailers," said Sony.

If you do manage to get a PS5, it's possible that it could be stolen before it even reaches your door. Many Amazon PS5 customers have claimed that their shipments have gone missing, and Amazon U.K. has pledged to replace those units. And the situation seems to be getting worse with thieves even stealing the Sony consoles from lorries as they're being delivered to retailers.

Make sure to keep this page bookmarked and to check the retailer listings regularly.

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